Cross cultural approaches
to community driven development.

We identify, equip, and empower community leaders and social entrepreneurs who are the driving force in local communities and support them in developing creative solutions to local problems.

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  • Goat Farming in Nepal

    Addressing malnutrition in Nepal through goat farming.

    Goat Farming

  • Dream Catcher Libraries
    Creating libraries that can provide essential, life-saving information specific to local communities.
    More about libraries

  • Fish Farming
    Providing sustenance for communities through targeted management of resources.
    Fish farm projects

  • Schools in Kenya
    Supporting education in Kenya fosters skills and hope.


In an ever-changing world, GP Connect! continues to bring fresh and innovative ideas towards developing communities for the better!

David Hai Tran, Concorde Foundation

GP Connect! has shown that communities need to take leadership in their lives and future, and the political leadership needs to be fully supportive of such initiatives.

Marcy E. Gallo, PhD,

We are moving towards sustainability and sharing of ideas and information on how to improve our communities — GP Connect! offers that platform.

Participant, GP Connects! Project

When you show your trust in someone’s work, you’d have already done half the work for them. GP Connect! is an inspirational leader.

Ronald, Project Participant

Wise leaders seek guidance from the people they serve. I am encouraged by how GP Connect! has been able to implement community driven development in the Philippines.

Tafadzwa Anifasi, Zimbabwe Embassy, Italy

Effective leadership comes with recognizing and actively promoting CDD. GP Connect! has implemented this in Africa and continues to foster it throughout the world.

Takawira Kapikinyu, Refugees International

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